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Captain Fugly 2 is finished!

2012-03-23 08:53:05 by dabrorius

As you might know, Captain Fugly 2 is a sequel to Captain Fugly, a flash game that has been sponsored by Newgrounds and received daily 2nd place award. While Captain Fugly 2 has same core mechanics as it's prequel it introduces completely new graphics, levels, music and much more.

Game has 45 levels that are quite challenging. Most of the levels are standard platformer levels, but some include items such as hoverboard, and gravity switch which introduce completely new mechanics and keep the game interesting and fun. There are also 3 boss levels.

New Captain Fugly also introduces collectable hats which are placed around levels (total of 16 hats). Some are just in hard to reach places, but acquiring some require out-of-box thinking.

After completing the game, a hardcore mode unlocks. This is an extremely hard mode where instead of unlimited number of lives you only have 3 lives to finish the whole game. This mode is meant for really experienced, dedicated and hardcore players which find normal levels too easy. They will also be rewarded with 3 extra hats which can only be collected in hardcore mode.

Anyway, we will start looking for sponsorship on FGL on monday. Wish us luck.

You can see some more screenshots on official website or watch a gameplay video on youtube. If you want to keep yourself updated follow us on facebook.

Captain Fugly 2 is finished!


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2012-03-23 22:33:38

Ok. Brb gonna play it now.