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Captain Fugly and the Hairy Grail

2011-10-08 13:29:23 by dabrorius

Take a look ad the early alpha screenshot of new Captain Fugly :)
It will include all you liked about first Fugly, but with a storyline, different environments, all new levels, new enemies, new soundtrack and much more.

Captain Fugly and the Hairy Grail


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2011-10-08 23:29:54

Thank you for making a new caption fugly been waiting


2011-10-12 09:16:52

I'm really looking forward to seeing a new captain fugly. Good luck!


2011-10-17 17:30:33

Looking forward to it!


2011-12-12 22:42:57

Can you upload the last level of the first one? On my computer the edges of the game are cut off so I have no idea what to do on it. I have beaten all the previous levels though.